• Bicycle allowance among culprits in MAS financial drain, says new boss - The Malaysian Insider

    – Reuters file pic, May 29, 2015.Some 180 types of allowances paid out by Malaysia Airlines, including a monthly bicycle allowance to one employee, contributed to its financial drain, The Star reported today. It quoted MAS chief executive officer Christoph Mueller as saying that huge overtime claims, over-priced contracts and salaries also added to the airline's costs. But Mueller said that this phenomenon was also prevalent in many airlines.

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  • Arul Kanda explains why he could meet Shahrir but not PAC - The Malaysian Insider

    – May 29, 2015.Under fire for not turning up at a scheduled inquiry by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Tuesday, 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) president and group executive director Arul Kanda Kandasamy insisted he was abroad at the time. He also confirmed that he met Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BNBBC) president, Tan Sri Shahrir Samad the following night in Kuala Lumpur, but said this was only after he returned to Malaysia.

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  • Why do Malaysians hate migrants? - The Malaysian Insider

    Why do Malaysians hate migrants? When a racial riot broke out in southern Italy sometime in early 2010, the mindless attacks on African immigrants prompted Pope Benedict XVI to respond by reminding people that, "an immigrant is a human being, different in background, culture and tradition, but a person to be respected, and possessing rights and duties". Malaysians tend to get emotional when such issues arise and share the same concerns with the rest of the world when it comes down to how we feel about migrants. Whether you want to believe or not, Malaysia is one of those countries made up of migrants.

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  • Cabinet should reject any 1MDB bailout plan – Sir Wenger Khairy - The Malaysian Insider

    Tomorrow, Second Finance Minister, Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah, is set to unveil a bailout plan for 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB). He will attempt to sway Cabinet opinion with fancy talk of matching assets with debt and restructuring. Husni will try to argue that this plan will help solve the 1MDB problem and he will try to seek Cabinet’s approval on the matter. All eyes will be on the eight powerful ministers who sit in Cabinet, who are secretly or not so secretly opposed to using more public funds to bailout 1MDB.

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  • Dr M: Tax man probed me but not the mega-rich

    Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad today lamented that he had to face routine raids from the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) when he was a practising doctor but super rich ministers today get off scott-free. "Government officials who live beyond their means are normally probed by LHDN. "But when ministers or public individuals are known to live overly wealthy lifestyles, no investigation is conducted," he said in a blog posting today. "I myself have routinely faced raids by LHDN when I had a clinic.

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  • Chinese medicine halls shocked over ban on liquor sale - The Malaysian Insider

    – AFP pic, May 29, 2015.Chinese medicine halls in the Petaling district are upset over the ban on the sale of liquor in their shops. “The medicine halls have already paid for a liquor licence. Firstly, the alcohol in the medicine is different, it is to treat illnesses. "Secondly, if it is the hard liquor, why suddenly do this?

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  • ‘I just wanted to die,’ says human trafficking victim

    Speaking exclusively to Bernama today, Nurul Amin Nobi Hussein, 25, said during the two months he was held at the transit camp in Wang Kelian last year, he lost all hope of surviving and only thought of death. This undated handout photo made available on May 25, 2015 by the Royal Malaysian Police shows an abandoned migrant detention camp used by people-smugglers in a jungle near the Malaysia-Thailand border in Genting Perah.

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  • Scientists find the mystery behind the holes in Swiss cheese

    After about a century of research, Swiss scientists have finally cracked the mystery of the holes in Swiss cheese. Experts from Agroscope, a state centre for agricultural research, said the phenomenon — which marks famous Swiss cheeses such as Emmental and Appenzell — was caused by tiny bits of hay present in the milk and not bacteria as previously thought. They found that the mystery holes in such cheeses became smaller or disappeared when milk used for cheese making was extracted using modern methods. “It’s the disappearance of the traditional bucket” used during milking that caused the difference, said Agroscope spokesman Regis Nyffeler, adding that bits of hay fell into it and then eventually caused the holes.

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  • Best things to eat at Malacca’s Jonker night market - The Malaysian Insider

    – HungryGoWhere pic, May 29, 2015.Jonker Walk is arguably the hotbed of all activity when you're in Malacca. During the day, it's also impossible to miss out on the plethora of tantalising food available. There's the ubiquitous chicken rice balls, icy cendol with gula Melaka, and even a bunch of cool cafes to placate the caffeine addict in you. On Friday and Saturday nights however, Jonker Walk turns into a massive night market with throngs of people flooding the streets looking to savour a piece of the Malaccan nightlife.

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  • Ulama leadership Mat Sabu once promoted in PAS likely to be his undoing - The Malaysian Insider

    – The Malaysian Insider pic by Seth Akmal, May 29, 2015.As PAS heads into crucial elections next month, the concept of “leadership of the ulama” which transformed the party, could ironically be the undoing of many of the leaders who introduced it in the party, including its veteran activist and deputy president, Mohamad Sabu. Speaking at a talk in Universiti Malaya recently, Mohamad, or Mat Sabu as he is fondly known, said the concept which was promoted some 30 years ago by a group of young PAS leaders who visited post-revolution Iran, including himself, was now being used as a platform to go up against the party hierarchy. Mat Sabu said in the past, only scholars with a deep understanding of Islam were called “Tuan Guru”, a Malay term which literally means “master-teacher” and usually reserved for the most esteemed experts and teachers of Islamic theology. “(Late PAS president) Datuk Fadzil Noor himself told others not to refer to him as Tuan Guru.

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  • PAC man to 1MDB boss: ‘Show us your tickets and bookings. We want to know where you went’

    ― File picKUALA LUMPUR, May 28 ― Public Accounts Committee (PAC) member Tony Pua demanded today to know the exact whereabouts of 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) chief executive Arul Kanda Kandasamy and former CEO Datuk Shahrol Ibrahim Halmi when they were summoned to testify before the parliamentary panel. The Petaling Jaya Utara MP said he also wants to know if the duo’s flight tickets were booked before or after the PAC’s notice was given, as well as the date of the meetings they were to attend abroad. “I want 1MDB president Arul Kanda and the former CEO to tell us, if they are not twisting and turning, where were they on the 25th and 26th of May when PAC asked them to attend and what meeting were they having overseas such that they could not attend the PAC. “These are questions that we will ask again when they come to see PAC on the date that will be fixed by the PAC chairman,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby here.

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  • Richest Australian Rinehart loses control of family trust - The Malaysian Insider

    – AFP pic, May 28, 2015.Australia's richest person Gina Rinehart was Thursday ordered by a court to relinquish control of a multi-billion dollar family trust to her eldest daughter, culminating a long and bitter feud. The New South Wales Supreme Court appointed Bianca Rinehart as head of the trust, reportedly worth Aus$4.0-5.0 billion (RM11-15 billion), which was established by her grandfather, the late mining magnate Lang Hancock. It ordered Gina Rinehart to deliver the trust documents and accounts to her daughter.

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  • Failure to adhere to KPDNKK’s notice, Burger King fined RM40,000

    KUALA LUMPUR: The Burger King franchise restaurant was fined RM40,000 by the Sessions Court here yesterday for failure to produce information on the increased price of goods sold at its premises. J...

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  • Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, Klang to get free bus service beginning July - The Malaysian Insider

    – The Malaysian Insider file pic, May 28, 2015.Residents in Shah Alam, Subang Jaya and Klang will be able to enjoy free public bus service beginning July, The Star Metro reported today. The bus service, introduced by the Selangor government, will benefit about 24,000 people.

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  • Joshua Wong might be Christian agent, says Isma’s lawyer wing

    — AFP picKUALA LUMPUR, May 28 — Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong, a known Christian, would have brought his religious agenda here if he had been allowed into the country, said iPeguam, the legal wing of Islamist group Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma). Defending Malaysia’s move to deport Wong back to Hong Kong, the wing said foreigners should stay away from teaching Malaysians how to practise democracy in its own land. “The fact is, the anti-government activities pioneered by Joshua Wong in Hong Kong was closely linked to the Christian religion.

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  • 'San Andreas': 10 Things Only Dwayne Johnson Can Get Away With!

    If anyone is going to take on the biggest earthquake in recorded history, it has to be Dwayne Johnson – 9.6 ain't got nothing on The Rock! A massive disaster movie about an estranged husband and wife traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco in order to save their daughter in the midst of an epic catastrophe (one so big there was a cruise ship colliding into a San Francisco skyscraper!) takes some serious suspension of disbelief and some credit to Dwayne for doing things only he can do (and get away with) with such ease on the big screen. AccessHollywood.com counts down 10 times The Rock goes full Rock in "San Andreas"!

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  • Monday is D-Day for MAS staff - Nation | The Star Online

    PETALING JAYA: Monday will be red letter day for 20,000 Malaysia Airlines (MAS) employees. The airline’s new chief executive officer Christoph Mueller made it clear that this difficult period of anxiety will be over then. On June 1, termination letters will be sent out to all the employees but about two-thirds of the staff will be offered jobs with the new company, MAS Bhd. They have until June 12 to decide if they want to join up on new terms. The new airline, a smaller entity, will only be able to accommodate about 14,000 employees.

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  • Uighur-Han marriages a reflection of China’s ethnic tensions

    — AFP picHOTAN (China), May 28 — It was not until late on her wedding day that Aygul told her parents she was even in a relationship. Against a backdrop of prejudice and violence, inter-ethnic marriages between Uighurs, a mostly Muslim minority who speak a Turkic language, and China’s ethnic majority Han are extremely rare. Uighurs in their home region of Xinjiang have long chafed under Beijing’s yoke and say they face restrictions on religion, language and culture, with some yearning for independence. Official media have laboured to showcase Han-Uighur marriages—with couples singing the praises of the government and Communist Party—as a symbol of “ethnic unity”.

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  • New Porsche Targa 4S, Cayenne Range launched with Porsche Centre opening

    Situated just minutes from Kuala Lumpur’s central business area, the outlet is also within touching distance from several major highways such as the North-South Expressway, Sungei Besi Highway, and the Smart Tunnel. Based on the seventh-generation 911, the 911 Targa 4S is identifiable by its characteristic fixed Targa bar. Powering the 911 Targa 4S is 400 hp from a 3.8-litre flat-six engine. Fitted with Porsche’s 7-speed PDK dual clutch gearbox and Sport Chrono package, it has a top speed of 296 km/h and is able to complete the benchmark sprint to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds.

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  • Putrajaya denies knowledge of human smuggling camps - The Malaysian Insider

    After contradicting statements over the human trafficking camp found on Bukit Wang Burma in Wang Kelian, Perlis, Malaysian authorities today insisted they never had any indication that such a place existed. Deputy Home Minister Datuk Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said the authorities had no information that suggested there were human trafficking camps on the hill, which was 571m above sea level and inaccessible.

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