• What to eat in Pudu - The Malaysian Insider

    — Pic courtesy gf HungryGoWhere, March 4, 2015.At Char Siew Yoong, you can’t leave without having their char siew (duh!) Firm, juicy meat with veins of melt-in-your-mouth fat, the char siew (RM15) is caramelised to sticky-sweet goodness. Sek Yuen is one of the few places you can still find lang phoon (Chinese cold cut platter).

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  • Why are the Chinese so unhappy with Putrajaya?

    — Reuters picKUALA LUMPUR, March 4 — Malaysia’s Chinese and other minority ethnic groups have grown more disillusioned with Putrajaya over recent years, analysts said, owing to a general belief that the country’s leaders have alienated them in their quest to stay ahead in the political game. This was reflected in the public opinion survey by independent pollster Merdeka Center released last week, which showed a dip in happiness felt by the Chinese towards the government in January this year. “Minorities, including those in Sabah, are very concerned at how the Malay ruling elite has been behaving,” Merdeka Center’s director Ibrahim Suffian said. Ibrahim said the growing influence of the federal opposition in recent years has created greater competitive fervour in the political game, forcing leaders in the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) to resort to “all sorts of things” to shore up support, including embarking on measures that have driven a wedge between the races.

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  • Divorced couple encounter turns ugly – BorneoPost Online | Borneo , Malaysia, Sarawak Daily New

    KUCHING: An encounter between a recently-divorced couple at the Syariah court here on Monday morning turned ugly following a punch-up between a man and his ex-wife’s two male friends. The incident occurred in the lobby of the court at Jalan Haji Taha when the 40-something ex-husband came across his former wife and asked her about the two younger men who had accompanied her to the complex.

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  • Angry housewives go to police after Rosmah’s picture on pig - The Malaysian Insider

    – The Malaysian Insider pic by Hasnoor Hussain, March 2, 2015.A Facebook posting showing Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor superimposed with a pig's body has caused an uproar among a group of housewives in Penang. The group, made up of Umno members, women non-governmental organisations, single mothers and housewives from Bayan Baru, lodged 11 police reports against a Facebook user, identified as Peter Lee, urging swift investigations by the authorities. Bayan Baru Umno information chief Kuraishah Syed Mohamad said it was unfortunate that people these days go to such extremes to offend leaders in the country. "The person who did this must face the music," she said outside the Bayan Baru police station.

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  • Manager may have been killed by mistake

    — AFP picBUTTERWORTH, March 4 — The family of E. Selvakumar, 54, who was shot dead in his car on Sunday night, claimed he was innocent and could have been a “victim of circumstances”. A relative, who declined to be named, said at the family home in Taman Villa Palma here that Selvakumar was “just being with a friend” when the incident occurred at the intersection of Jalan Scotland and Jalan York at 9.30pm. Selvakumar was killed instantly when a motorcycle pulled up next to his car and the pillion rider opened fire seven times. Selvakumar’s friend, aged 61, escaped unhurt.

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  • Oil prices climb after news of Libya unrest

    — Reuters picNEW YORK, March 4 — Oil prices turned higher yesterday on unrest in exporter Libya and as the market expected another rise in US inventories. In New York trade, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) for April delivery rose 93 cents to US$50.52 (RM182) a barrel. European benchmark Brent North Sea crude for April leaped US$1.48 to US$61.02 a barrel in London. “Geopolitical tension returns to the fore to support oil prices today, as Libya experiences fresh attacks on its oil fields by militants,” said Matt Smith of Schneider Electric.

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  • Sirul and mum reunite in Sydney, says Mahfuz - The Malaysian Insider

    – The Malaysian Insider filepic, March 3, 2015.Convicted murderer Sirul Azhar Umar and his mother Piah Samad had a reunion at the immigration detention centre in Sydney, were he is being detained, PAS Information chief Datuk Mahfuz Omar said from Australia this evening. The former police corporal who was found guilty of murdering Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaariibuu met his 72-year-old mother who arrived in Sydney yesterday, assisted by Mahfuz.

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  • Drastic cuts to fly high again - Nation | The Star Online

    PETALING JAYA: The big cuts at Malaysia Airlines (MAS) have started. The big move to MAS’ new headquarters at KLIA from Subang will begin on April 1, where at least 1,300 of its employees will be relocated in stages. The current MAS will cease to operate by June 30 and its operations will be migrated to a new airline, Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAB), which starts on July 1. The new airline will have 10% less capacity and will focus on profitable domestic and regional routes.

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  • 2015: Visit Sabah instead of Terengganu Year

    I risk having my house pelted with keropok lekor by angry East Coast natives, but I'm sorry, when it comes to seafood, beaches and ocean views, the East Coast has nothing on Sabah. To be honest, I wasn't at all angry about Terengganu's apparent attempt to police the dressing of anyone and everyone who visited the state. Less tourism dollars for you, Terengganu, more tourism dollars for Sabah, thanks very much. When I first moved to West Malaysia, I dreamed of the sea every night for weeks.

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  • Sacked airman testifying in MH370 suit bound by OSA, armed forces chief insists

    — Picture by Saw Siow FengKUALA LUMPUR, March 3 — Former air force major turned expert witness Zaidi Ahmad may testify in a lawsuit against Putrajaya over Flight MH370 but remains bound by the Official Secrets Act (OSA), Armed Forces chief General Tan Sri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin said today. Zulkiefli said that the armed forces had “nothing to hide” after it was pointed out that Zaidi’s testimony could implicate the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) in the aviation mystery, but was quick to note that the sacked airman may not disclose information detrimental to national security.

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  • Sarawak Report says it has ‘thousands of documents’ on 1MDB, Jho Low, says report - The Malaysian Insider

    Sarawak Report editor and founder Claire Rewcastle Brown said she has thousands of documents on 1MDB operations, following a report on the investment fund and its links to Jho Low.Whistleblower site, Sarawak Report has obtained "thousands of documents" on 1Malaysia Development Berhad's (1MDB) operations, as well as businessman Low Taek Jho's role in the government-owned strategic investment fund, its editor and founder Claire Rewcastle Brown said. Rewcastle told news portal Malaysiakini in an email interview that she had taken about two years to scrutinise the documents with other journalists before releasing a series of exposés on the company and the controversial tycoon better known as Jho Low, over the past few weeks. She said the documents had not been obtained illegally, but refused to divulge her sources.

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  • ‘Drunk’ bus driver jailed for attempting to molest friend’s wife

    The defence of being drunk when he hugged his friend's wife with intention to molest did not help M. Rengasamy, who was handed a four-month jail sentence by the Magistrate's Court here today. Magistrate Saifulakmal Said ordered Rengasamy who had pleaded guilty to the charge to serve the sentence from his date of arrest on Feb 26. In mitigation, Rengasamy, who was unrepresented, pleaded for a lenient sentence saying he was drunk at the time and thought he was at his own home.

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  • Professional players should be allowed more freedom, says China’s Lin Dan

    ― File picBIRMINGHAM, March 4 ― Lin Dan, widely regarded as the greatest men’s singles player in badminton history, marked his return to the All-England Open with an appeal for his fellow professionals to be given more freedom. The Olympic champion from China said yesterday he wants professional players to be allowed more choice in where and when they play, something which might have been regarded as an anathema in his country only a short time ago. “Athletes are a crucial part of the sport,” said Lin, who has reappeared at the world’s oldest event here in preparation for a bid to qualify for the Rio Olympics. “We should lower the barriers to entry for professional players so they can sign up (for tournaments) themselves.

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  • Stop blaming the Chinese for your own weaknesses, Azmin tells Putrajaya - The Malaysian Insider

    – The Malaysian Insider pic, March 2, 2015.Selangor Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali in a Sinar Harian report said today that blaming the Chinese community for inflation was just an excuse to cover up Putrajaya's own failures in managing the country's economy. In the report, Azmin said the rising prices of goods in recent times had nothing to do with race and that accusing one community of being responsible for it was regrettable. “Don't blame the Chinese whenever there is inflation and play up racial sentiments to cover up your own weaknesses,” he said. It does not matter if you are Malay, Chinese, Indians or Kadazans," the Bahasa Malaysia daily reported him as saying.

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  • Ryan Reynolds Is 'Wrapped Around' Daughter's Finger, But She's 'Allergic To Sleep'

    Ryan Reynolds says he and Blake Lively have become members of the no-sleep-new-parents club since the recent arrival of their daughter. When Jimmy informed the new dad that a sleep allergy is not "possible," the actor offered up a new theory. "We think that she thinks she's protecting us from the sleep monsters," he explained. Ryan and Blake, who got married in 2012, welcomed their baby girl (whose name has yet to be revealed to the public) in late December 2014.

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  • Koenigsegg stuns with the world’s most powerful production car

    — AFP Relaxnews picPARIS, March 3 — The new Regera, unveiled at the Geneva Motor show today, is the Swedish supercar company's first plug-in hybrid and it boasts four engines and a total output of 1782bhp. Regera is Swedish for "to reign" and as such the car is aptly named, as it is potentially unbeatable on both road and track. Alongside a traditional 5-litre, turbocharged V8 engine are two small electric motors running to each of the rear wheels plus another electric motor in the crankshaft. But as well as an epic turn of speed, thanks to its electric motors, the car can be driven smoothly and silently around town, on battery power alone and can be plugged in or draw power from the traditional gas engine in order to recharge.

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  • Putrajaya receives first Petronas dividend payout - The Malaysian Insider

    – Reuters pic, March 3, 2015.The government has received the first dividend payment from state oil company Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas), said Ministry of Finance (MoF) secretary-general of treasury Tan Sri Dr Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah. “Petronas has agreed to pay the government RM26 billion in dividend [for the financial year ended December 31, 2014] , and there is no two-ways about it. Last week, Petronas announced a dividend payment of RM2 billion for the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2014, bringing the total payout for the year to RM26 billion.

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  • Stairway to heaven is only RM5,000 to this ‘sheikh’ - Nation | The Star Online

    WHAT does a ticket to heaven cost? At least RM5,000, according to a conman who claimed that his prayers would guarantee admission into heaven.

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  • Finding the real yardstick for Malaysian education - The Malaysian Insider

    I read with interest the responses that followed the statement made by Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh, Education Minister II, on Malaysian education being of world-class standards. Idris himself issued a response to the critics of his earlier statement, published in The Malaysian Insider on February 25, 2015 (http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/sideviews/article/what-it-means-to-be-world-class-idris-jusoh). I applaud the response by Idris, and am grateful for his affirmative on the Education Ministry being firmly behind those of us who are striving for the betterment of education in this country. I always get a tad too emotional when discussing Malaysian education.

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  • Furious Israel-US clash over Iran nuclear talks

    — Reuters picWASHINGTON, March 4 — Israel and the United States clashed furiously over the Iran nuclear talks yesterday, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warning the deal under discussion would leave his country open to annihilation. With Netanyahu in Washington to deliver an impassioned address to the US Congress, President Barack Obama hit back immediately, scoffing that he had presented no idea of his own to contain the Iranian threat. And, with US Secretary of State John Kerry talking with his Iranian counterpart in Switzerland, the world powers represented in the negotiations continued to press for an accord that would limit Iran's nuclear options while loosening economic sanctions. Netanyahu's party faces a close-fought Israeli parliamentary election in two weeks time and he has been accused in some quarters of imperilling Israel's close ties with Washington for personal political gain.

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