• Mat Sabu nabbed by police in ski masks

    The police were also armed with weapons, says Mujahid.

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  • Thank God, Pakatan did not win GE13 - The Malaysian Insider

    Opinion Thank God, Pakatan did not win GE13 Ooi Kok Hin Published: 28 March 2015 Technically, Pakatan Rakyat (PR) did win the popular vote. But the fact remains

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  • After arrest, Mat Sabu taken to Bukit Aman

    — Picture by Choo Choy MayGEORGE TOWN, March 28 — PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu, the latest opposition politician in the string of #KitaLawan arrests, is presumed to have been taken to Bukit Aman for his statement to be recorded today. Permatang Pasir assemblyman Datuk Mohd Salleh Man told Malay Mail Online he was with Mohamad when a large team of policemen in full uniform turned up in Penang and arrested his fellow PAS colleague. “About 20 of them from Bukit Aman, all attired in full face covered uniform, approached us just as we got down from my car at a restaurant in Sungai Dua at about 12.20am,” the Penang state lawmaker said when contacted. Mohd Salleh said the PAS Number Two popularly known as Mat Sabu had earlier invited him for a drink so there were just two of them when the police came.

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  • Angered by ‘joke’, 2 campaign for zero GST on pads and tampon - The Malaysian Insider

    When Kamelia Shamsuddin, 29, read a news article that Bintulu MP Tiong King Sing had elicited laughter in Parliament for raising the issue of the goods and services tax (GST) being imposed on women's sanitary products, it struck a raw nerve. She decided it was up to her to be more vocal about the issue and after speaking to her husband, Huzaifah Azman, 32, and best friend, S. Kasthuri, 29, they started an online petition on Change.org to get the Malaysian government to stop taxing Malaysian women for their periods.

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  • We did not tell supporters to disrupt wedding of PM’s daughter, says PKR - The Malaysian Insider

    – The Malaysian Insider filepic, March 27, 2015.PKR has denied reports that it has instructed its members to disrupt the wedding reception of the prime minister's daughter at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) tomorrow. Party communication director Fahmi Fadzil said today that the reports were not true as KLCC was not one of the locations selected for tomorrow's #KitaLawan rally in Kuala Lumpur. He said PKR was mobilising its members to participate in the rally to demand for the release of its de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

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  • Kuan Yew and I — Dr Mahathir Mohamad

    I cannot say I was a close friend of Kuan Yew. Kuan Yew became well known at a young age. I first met Kuan Yew when I was a member of Parliament in 1964 after Singapore joined Malaysia in 1963. Actually I never went to Singapore to stir up trouble.

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  • Angry Thai fans take to the internet over Fast & Furious court ban

    Thai fans of “The Fast and the Furious” reacted with anger yesterday after a court banned the latest instalment of the blockbuster franchise following a contract dispute with a local actor. “Fast and Furious 7” had been due to open in cinemas on April 1. But it was blocked by a court injunction late Thursday after a movie studio filed a lawsuit saying local film star Tony Jaa was in breach of contract for appearing in the film. Suwat Apaipakdi, a lawyer for Sahamongkol Film International, said the company had filed their suit because Jaa was committed to them in an exclusive contract until 2023.

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  • Germanwings captain tried to smash into cockpit with axe | theSundaily

    BERLIN: The captain locked out of the cockpit of the Germanwings plane that crashed in the French Alps used an axe to try and force his way back in, German daily Bild said on Friday, citing security sources. Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz appeared to have deliberately flown the plane into the side of a remote mountain after locking the captain out of the cockpit, French officials have said, killing himself and all 149 others aboard Tuesday. The cockpit flight recorder showed that the captain repeatedly knocked and tried to get back in as the plane went into its fatal descent, French prosecutors said.

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  • Police arrest #KitaLawan organisers tonight ahead of rally - The Malaysian Insider

    – The Malaysian Insider filepic, March 27, 2015.Police have begun their round up of opposition figures ahead of a massive rally in the city tomorrow, the same day the prime minister is hosting his daughter's wedding reception, arresting Rafizi Ramli earlier this evening, followed by Tian Chua and activist Hishamuddin Rais tonight. Rafizi, the PKR secretary-general was detained at 2.45pm at his service centre in the Pandan constituency. Tian Chua, the Batu MP whose full name is Chua Tian Chang, was also asked by police to turn himself in to the Dang Wangi police headquarters tonight, according to PKR communications director Fahmi Fadzil.

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  • Rubber tapper’s son realises his dream

    ― Malay Mail picKUALA LUMPUR, March 28 ― Rabuan Pit, the youngest in a rubber tapper’s family of eight, was determined to prove anyone can achieve their dreams. The sprinter turns 59 on April 26 and is best remembered as “Asia’s Fastest Man” after his 100m victory at the 1982 Asian Games at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi. He was the second Malaysian to win the title after Tan Sri Dr Mani Jegathesan at the Bangkok Asian Games in 1966. Jega had also won the 200m and 4x400m relay gold medals in Bangkok, four years after winning the 200m as an 18-year-old.

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  • Cops say abortion legal for married couples

    Seremban police chief ACP Muhamad Zaki Harun made the statement when commenting on a recent case involving a married couple who had allegedly paid a clinic here to abort a six-week foetus. “It’s okay for married couples and it’s up to a specialist’s discretion. In an immediate response, deputy health director-general Datuk Dr S. Jeyaindran affirmed abortion is illegal in Malaysia unless a mother’s health is compromised.

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  • Indonesia threatens to stop sending workers to Malaysia over visa fees, again - The Malaysian Insider

    – The Malaysian Insider file pic, March 27, 2015.Indonesia has once again threatened to stop sending its workers to Malaysia, citing the exorbitant visa processing fees charged by a private company appointed by the Malaysian government. The Star quoted Indonesian Manpower Services Association (Apjati) president Ayub Basalamah as saying the Jakarta-based private firm had imposed an additional RM235, in addition to the existing RM15 fee to process entry visas for Indonesians to work in Malaysia.

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  • Netizens ridicule GST music video by Customs - The Malaysian Insider

    Customs Department's pro-GST video on YouTube is drawing ridicule over its content.A music video created by the Customs Department hailing the virtues of implementing the goods and services tax (GST) has gone viral, with netizens flaying the effort as "sad", "cheesy" and "reminiscent of the 1970s". "Actors" in the GST video, who appear to be Customs officers, are seen happily dancing along to a rather catchy tune, which sings of how GST "will help make the country more competent" and "lead us to achieve Vision 2020".

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  • Get ready for GST ― Sin Chew Daily

    MARCH 28 ― The Goods and Services Tax (GST) will definitely be implemented on April 1, 6 per cent of GST will be imposed to all taxable items. The higher the prices, the more GST consumers will have to pay. It has been expected to triggered opposition from consumers and traders. It is just a few days left before the implementation of GST but some traders are still confused about the standard for taxable goods and services.

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  • Zayn Malik Explains Leaving One Direction

    In his first interview since leaving One Direction, Zayn Malik talks about the decision to step away from the band. How is he feeling about the choice?

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  • Dayak body condemns attempt to convert underage girl – BorneoPost Online | Borneo , Malaysia, Sarawak Daily News | Largest English Daily In Borneo

    MIRI: The recent report of an attempt by two teachers at a secondary school to convert an underage Christian schoolgirl to Islam dismayed not only the parents but also members of the Dayak community here. “But not to preach and more so, to influence non-Mulsim students and force them to convert,” Dayak Association Miri (DAM) said told The Borneo Post yesterday. The association reminded the teachers concerned to focus on their actual purpose, that was teaching and educating the students, rather than propagating and forcing their religious belief on non-Muslim underage students. This was to avoid creating an atmosphere of mistrust and animosity between the various communities of different cultures and religious beliefs here as they had been living harmoniously all this while.

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  • How are cockpit doors locked? (VIDEO)

    BERLIN, March 27 — The crash of the Germanwings flight has raised questions about airplane security protocols and even the construction of cockpits and doors in Airbus planes. Bloomberg’s David Gura explains. — Bloomberg

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  • Final minutes of doomed Germanwings flight - The Malaysian Insider

    The flight started like any other, the conversation in the cockpit perfectly normal, with co-pilot Andreas Lubitz offering no indication of the horror he would soon allegedly inflict on the other 149 people on board flight 4U 9525. "For the first 20 minutes, they spoke in a normal fashion, courteous, like normal pilots. There was nothing abnormal," French prosecutor Brice Robin told reporters today. He was relaying information from the cockpit voice recorder, captured by one of the "black boxes" discovered among the debris of the Airbus A320 that crashed into the French Alps on Tuesday.

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  • Worry about Najib, not Othman Wok – Sir Wenger - The Malaysian Insider

    Nasty pro-Najib bloggers has decided to run down Tuan Haji Othman Wok, one of the last remaining first generation leaders of Singapore. In their eagerness to show off their “race, language and religion” credentials, they have accused Mr Othman of selling out the Malay race whilst at the same time, they are silent when Jho Low takes USD 700million (RM2, 567 million) of Malay wealth to fund his partying ways. Immature bloggers ignorant of history and who have bad breath because “kalau dia buka mulut, masih DAP hidu bau susu” should not condemn him because he decided to partner with Mr Lee Kuan Yew within the PAP cabinet. Singapore has a different model than Malaysia.

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  • Forbes writer: Weak English, school system leaves Malaysian workforce vulnerable in region

    — Picture by Yusof Mat IsaKUALA LUMPUR, March 27 — Malaysians’ deteriorating command of English and education system leaves its workforce vulnerable to regional competitors that are both cheaper and improving, a Forbes magazine contributor wrote today. An opinion piece published by the American business magazine noted that the use of English, “the language of the global economy that is transforming Southeast Asia”, has steadily declined here in the past four decades. “National educational policy has made it hard to find qualified teachers of English, covered in Forbes Asia in 2012,” Donald Frazier, the writer in the opinion piece, noted. He noted that this has forced many Malaysian to attempt to address the weakness themselves, most notably in the explosion of international schools here that use English as the medium of instruction.

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